Over the weekend a Mega jackpot win set a new course for life for a lucky punter when they hit the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot for a huge €3,772,451 prize.

We’re awaiting details on the big win, but we can confirm that the jackpot was won and is the 45th for the game since we began tracking it in June 2009. The prize generally pays out every 10 weeks on average, with the median prize being €4,085,315. The jackpot previously held a Guinness World Record for largest jackpot win when its top prize was hit for €17,860,868 at Paf in 2013.

The Mega Fortune game has a theme of luxury, and players win jackpots by advancing to the bonus round. There, they have to get lucky enough to advance through three rings on the wheel of fortune to the innermost reel, where the top prize is awarded.

We’ll update this story as we learn more about the win.